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The Big M 9/24/2013


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Started at daylight, picked up a few near some docks that were on a secondary point. After that just picked up 3 random bass. Caught 6 total, with only one keeper. A few on a Megabug, and one each on an Ol Monster, jig, and Trick worm. Talked to another fisherman that has fished the White channel quite a bit and he had only picked up a handful himself.

Water temp 77-78.

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I started at 10 am yesterday morning and caught a keeper lm on a top water on my first cast on the flats. I knew I was doomed after that but I fished the 45 degree chunk rock banks with a 3/8 pbj jig and caught 10 with 3 keepers within 5' of the bank. I had my 17 lb. line broke twice and I know my line was good, I wonder if they were walleyes. Every bite was in the shade and right after it hit the water. After seeing several stacked under shad I got the drop shot out in 80 ft. of water and caught 5 in the 20' range. I quit at 1:30 with a decent day after being cursed with the first cast fish.

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