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You Should Have Been Here Yesterday....


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Went out Sunday evening knowing the bite would be tough with the high pressure system. Decided to search for fish since Monday would be a low weather system moving through. Found the bass in 28-32' of water but as expected...no fish. Monday early evening was just the opposite. The first pic shows bass feeding on bait. You can clearly see the bass streaking through the bait fish on the sonar. The side sonar reveals an even more interesting story as you can see the bass in front and alongside the bait ball.

Tried a jig with a grub in this school, nada. Tried a jig with a large gulp minnow, nada. The clouds were intermittent so i decided something with more flash. Went to my standard spoon and presto...bonanza! The net in the pic is 18", so you can easily determine the size of the bass. The bass in the other pic is probably 3 lbs. Caught 10 fish of similar size in the next hour. All were feeding after 2 days of a high pressure system. This is the typical fall fish pattern. Caught many fish last year following a similar technique. Search where the fish are, fish when a front moves through, determine the right lure, determine the correct retrieve pattern.

This location will hold fish for the next several weeks, maybe as long as 2 months. Just have to decide the best weather days to go after them. Days which are not conducive to catching fish I will search for more areas which hold large numbers of bass.

I have more sonar pics if anyone is interested just let me know. The sonar pics are a great learning tool.




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Nice report! Thanks. Spoons have salvaged many a fishing outing for me also. Keep those screen shots coming! Very interesting.

Topwater TRL

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