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Rams Stink


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Oh well, they've won as many SB's as my Chiefs. And ours was a LONG time a go. I remember the whole game. I was 10 years old. But as far as this year goes... 3 double digit losses doesn't bode well for the Rams this year so far. I think Bradford's a bust but he hasn't had much help. Heck... bring back Vermiel and the GS on Turf... :secret-laugh:

If you can get him away from his winery...


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My cousin is Scott Wells, your starting center for the Rams.

He was a pro bowler for the Packers during the season when they won the Super Bowl.

I think he was hurt most of last season.

The guy is an animal!

Best of luck

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they just got manhandled the last two games. I don't think anyone expected them to be a playoff team, but that was embarassing. I will take vermail and warner back. I agree about bradford, but he had no time last night. We have no running back at all. Thankfully college football is on all day tomorrow...maybe the rams should play on saturdays instead. Rant over...I feel better.

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Yeah, a lot of the Rams fans are calling for Bradford's head, but come on...name one facet of their game the last two weeks that hasn't been really bad. The offense all starts with the offensive line, and they basically waved as the Niners waltzed through, and haven't a clue how to run block. The running backs can't find holes because there weren't any, and can't create anything on their own. The receivers dropped half the balls that Bradford actually put within their reach.

And don't even get me started on the defense. That may be the worst secondary in the NFL, and the much vaunted pass rush was non-existent.

Bradford isn't the quarterback for this offense, because the only kind of quarterback who could do much would be someone like the Niners' qb who can create something from nothing with his feet...because nothing is what Bradford had to work with last night.

If they don't turn things around somehow, this will be a season on a par with the worst ones of the last decade, and those were really, really bad.

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Youngest roster in the NFL, by far. These kids don't get Jeff Fischer's schemes, and the schemes don't spread the field. Can't win when your average yards per pass is 3.7 yards and your average yards per run is .9 yards. Also hard to throw the ball deep when the other team is only rushing 4 and the other 7 are covering your receivers, AND the 4 pass rushers are still getting to the QB...

-- Jim

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. -- Doug Larson

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