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The Big M 9/27/2013


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Fished around Big M this morning, didn't find a great bite, but I managed to pick up a few. Got lucky and ran into some top water schoolers around 8:30 at the mouth of a small cove. The bite didn't last very long, but put a few LM's into the boat throwing a Strike King Sexy Dawg. After that, picked up a few on a c-rig tipped with a Zoom Ultravibe Speed craw in Green Pumpkin with gold flake. Got a decent spot dragging a Keitech rigged on a swing jig type football head. Threw a jig around some chunk rock, but no love on that.

Caught 10 bass, with a few keeps.

Water temp 76-78.

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QB, I like your reports. Much good information with an economy of words. Thank you.

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He does write a good report, huh rps? Light, tight and bright. :)

I think Donna and I are gonna roll into Shell Knob about daylight in the morning and proceed to see who we can catch. Got a few pet places I need to check on.


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Quillback, I do not post much but I want to thank you for the idea of using a speed craw alone. Tried is several times over the last couple of days, on a shakey head, and have had some days where I really caught them, especially true last Wednesday. Green Pumpkin /Purple is my main color.


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