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Crappie Bite Picking Up!


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Went out yesterday around 10mm of big niangua. Shooting docks and right off the bat caught two fish, around 11". I actually tossed them back b/c that has been the only dock in the last month that consistently produced anything over 10". But in the next hour and a half I kept 6 more that we're that size. Did catch around 10 others but didn't measure them or there were no need to measure. It wasn't on fire but it's been better than the past month or so.

Wife and I ran some errands, then went out about 1:30 and fished about an hour and a half until the rains came. Caught a few dinks shooting, I could tell she was getting bored with that, so I know of a couple of deep brush piles off a point. We casted a couple of slab busters and found some more nice ones in the 11" range.

Came back in and baked some fresh crappie filets and watched Wano get win# 19. Not a bad day. Getting ready to try it again in a few minutes.




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