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Taking Advantage Of September

Lucas K

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Now that work has begun to slow down for me, and there are no classes tomorrow, I believe that this is Natures way of say, "Please go catch some fish". I believe that I will begin the morning below the dam with my fly-rod and end at the branson landing bait fishing in the afternoon. anyone have some recent information to make sure I have an extra-productive day? I know midges are working well and air injected night crawlers or Powerbait combos of white-pink or white orange work well. Conditions are clear and call for very light line. Anything else I'm forgetting my fishermen friends? I've been out of this great sport for far too long.

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Lots of trout in the lake... should be a good day. Overcast. Midges for sure. I've been throwing a 1/16th oz jig and doing very well. Almost fool-proof. Earth colors, trim the marabou. You'll get lots of strikes, misses but hook a bunch too.

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