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Tying Video: Nick Granato's Chubby Muffin

Brian Wise

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An articulated version of Nick Granato's Chubby Muffin. A GREAT Sculpin pattern!

Rear Hook - TMC 9394 #4

Flash - Flashabou (Multi-Colored)

Body - Ice Wing Fiber

Wing - Rabbit Strip

Front Hook:
Hook - Gamakatsu B10s

Eye - Real Eyes

Body - Ice Wing Fiber

Gills - Red Schlappen

Pectoral Fins - Partridge

Wing - Rabbit Strip

Head - Craft Fur Brush (marked with PrismaColor Markers)

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I had a threader as well... and lost it like everyone else.

Now i just thread it.. Very carefully. I'll be trying this new trick.

I fished one of these flies this weekend. I did not catch anything on it, then I lost said fly to a rock.

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Hmm...i nebver used a threader, i have always just sucked the thread thru. Sometimes it can be alittle tricky to get it to start, but yeah, i've been doing it that way for the better part of my 15+year tying career

"When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

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