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I know spotted bass are running roughshod over native brownies in the east, and I was wondering if there was going to be a spotted bass massacre planned for the spring. Everyone keep their twelve, fry the rat b*stards up, drink some brewkis. I ask because I noticed in a lot of reports that they have yellow grubs in the meat. Is there anyway to rid the flesh of them while cleaning?


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Wrench is right...a whole lot of them have a whole lot of yellow grubs. When I catch one that has dozens of grubs visible in the gill covers, gills, and bases of the fins, I don't bother even trying to fillet it because I know the meat will be so full of them that you'd get several in every bite if you didn't pick them out. If there are few or none visible on the outside, I'll fillet it, and usually be able to pick out the ones in the meat with the point of my fillet knife. They do taste very good, and I don't hesitate to fillet them if I think the grubs aren't so thick that it would take me a long time to pick them out.

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They fry up and you never will taste them. I used to just pop them out like zits back in the day when I kept a mess of stream fish for dinner.

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