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Still Alive Baby!


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I knew he should have walked Alverez... give him nothing to hit! He's a Cardinal Killer!!

They pulled it out...

Should do good in St Louie Wednesday.

But if the Pirates beat us, I wish them well. They're a good group of guys who I think should go far in the playoffs.

"No series win since 1979?!" Wow!!

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You know what really pisses me off about the MLB right now, is why is it that the most recent World Series Champion that is still in the playoffs has to settle for playing in the afternoon when their fans cannot watch them play because they are at work instead of getting a prime time spot.

Just sayin.

Great game by Wacha today BTW...two games in a row where he had a NoNo going into at least the 8th inning...This guy is going to be a stud for the Cardinals...

-- Jim

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. -- Doug Larson

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The future for the Cardinal is very bright. I think they will be better next year and for the next several years. Just look at the choices they have for starting pitching next year.






Siegrist (Bullpen most likely)





They also have some very interesting decisions to make regarding position players. First David Freese will not be resigned IMO and Beltran is a tough call. He has been very good, but he is getting older and keeping him essentially blocks Taveres and Wong from getting a shot. It also makes it difficult to play both Adams and Craig at the same time. I am really torn on Beltran, but I think the Cardinals let him walk.

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