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You can get to most of the corp ramps with little drive around the saw horse effort.

But, with the thievery (gas, spare tires, catalytic converters) do you want your vehicle to be the only one in the parking lot? :oh-noes:

Monday was a beautiful day on Stockton with the fish cooperating, but we put in at old statepark cause we didn't want to be the only vehicle on Crabtree's parking lot.

Tuesday both Statepark ramps were busy. So was the wind!!!!! hope this helps.

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How about , RB in Stockton ? wanted to put in there this Sat.

Put in at Orleans Trail Marina.Its free and there is always people around.

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If you put in at Orleans Trail be careful around the courtesy dock at the ramp by the marina it will tear up your boat if you have a fiberglass boat and could put some nasty scratches in a metal boat too. There are several big nails sticking out and the rub rail is all but gone. When they start to take the sailboats out for winter parking gets very sparse. I launch there regularly but just be aware of the dock and use a bumper to protect your boat and be sure and check your hitch when you leave, it is the only place where I have had the latch flipped up on my trailer on two different trips while I was out fishing. It is something I have learned to check every time I start out with a trailer attached. Some good fishing can be found close to the launch.

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