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Table Rock Tips

Indiana Kevin

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If you're just looking to catch some fish and don't necessarily care how big they are, get you some 3/16th-ounce shaky heads and a bag of watermelon-red or green pumpkin Zoom finesse worms, then go find some bluff ends and steeper pockets with wood. A 5/16th-ounce finesse jig (green pumpkin or PBJ) with a green pumpkin Zoom Lil Critter Craw trailer will work, too. Beardsley Branch across from the state park is a good place to start looking.


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Try POINT #2 & the area around it. Fish the point itself, & both shorelines for 100 yards or so.

Going one direction you will find several boat-docks that run back into the cut & sit in fairly deep water.

Going the other direction you will find a fairly shallow cover barren shoreline ( LEADING INTO BEARDSLEY BRANCH ) but, move out into 20 + feet of water & you will find quite a bit of cover. Fish up shallow ( 5 to 10 feet deep ) parallel to the bank with CRAWDAD COLOR WIGGLE WARTS, out deep ( start @ 20 feet & go deeper ) with 1/2oz. - 5/8oz. football jigs again CRAWDAD COLORS: GREENPUMPKIN / PBJ / BROWN & PURPLE /GREEN & BROWN. Add a plastic CRAWDAD or TWIN-TAIL GRUB as a trailer to the jig. Remember a crawdad does not jump up 2 or 3 feet off the bottom, they move across the bottom so, drag your jig or reel it slowly across the bottom. " GOOD LUCK " !!!!!!!

Rock View Resort

Table Rock Lake

Greg Pope, Owner/Operator & Fishing Guide

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