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Oaf Winter Swap 2014


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Well, I've lead a winter swap two years in a row. Anyone interested in year three. I'm thinking flies due on 15 Feb for a 1 Mar recieve by date. There was some talk about swapping pond flies this summer. So, I figured I would run two if there are enough volunteers. Looking for 6 folks tying 10 flies each... one any trout fly and one a pond fly. Sign up for one or both.

New Rules: I opened up to 11 people. We will still tie 10 each. If we don't fill up, I'll randomly sort the flies. Feel free to tie extras so everyone gets two, but not a requirement.


1. MIC - MIC's Wet Hare's Midge

2. Lancer09 - Stonefly Nymph

3. DaddyO - Midge


5. Ruthead - TBD

6. RDF515 - Purple Streamer

7. Mike H - TBD

8. Geoff - Moopy Zoo Lion

9. Big Brown Trout - Crawfish Grubber

10. Johnny - Hot Glue Midge

11. FlyRodMan - Cheech Leeches


1. MIC - MIC's Blue Gill Prince Nymph

2. DaddyO - Predator


4. Ruthead - TDB

5. RDF515 - TBD

6. Lancer09 - Dragonfly Nymph

7. Mike H - TBD

8. Geoff - Foam Dragon

9. Big Brown Trout - Crappie Grubber

10. Johnny - Hot Glue Maggot

11. Fly Smallie - Frog Fly

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I'll right we are full up in trout and have two question marks in ponds. If you would like to tie this winter let me know. I'll run a third if there is enough interest.

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