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Fishing Report Upper River

Sam Potter

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Fishing Report December 8

The river is in excellent condition for fishing. It did have a significant rise with all the rain and sleet we had last week, but it looks great right now. Earlier in the week it was just about right for streamer fishing, but it has cleared since then and continues to have an excellent flow. I had a client in from Kentucky the first of the week that hooked up with a very nice brown in his first attempt at streamer fishing. He was very happy with the fish and the experience, despite the temperatures. He is pretty hard core when it comes to fly fishing and would be tagged, just as I am, obsessed ! It is about a 4 hour drive for him, but he feels like the Current River is the best wading river in the area. I would have to agree with him, the Current River is a wading fisherman's dream, except for the close cover. The trees along the stream get a steady diet of flies all year. I try to take the flies ( along with the line attached ) out of the trees and the banks when I find them. Not that I am that frugal about saving money on flies, but fishing line and flies dangling from them are hazards to wildlife. In a report I gave back in July I found a Wood Duck that had eaten a fly that was dangling from a limb on the water. Apparently the duck saw the fly swinging in the water and mistook the fly for an actual bug. The duck was released, but unfortunately I did not get a picture, despite the fact that I had a camera with me.

"A Bad Day Fishing is still a Great Day"



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