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Leaders For Wieghted Streamersor Nymphs

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i mostly use either a 6 or 8 wt and wieghted wooly buggers.i'd like suggestions on the best leaders.....i've been using short mono, or short bass leaders for #6 and larger.i'm trying smaller flies now and looking for suggestions.a 4x 7and 1/2 foot did ok with a #6 woolly bugger with a 1/60 wiegh on the 6 wtt.any better ideas?

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For me it depends if I am throwing a floating or sinking line. For a floating line, it is usually 2-3 feet of 12 pound, 2-3 feet of 10 pound and 2-3 feet of 8 pound, tip that with a foot of 6 pound tippet. That seems to roll flies over pretty easily for me. When your using a floating line and still want to get your fly down it's much easier for that fly to pull down your leader and tippet instead of the fly line. There is a fine balance between allowing your fly to sink as deep as possible and what is castable.

If I am throwing a sinking line it's 3-4 feet, of straight line. Recently for my small (ish) stuff it has been 6 pound flouro.

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You know, I don't worry too much about what leader I use with weighted streamers. If I happen to have on a 7.5 ft. leader of whatever X I think matches the size of the fly, that's fine, I'm not going to change it to something more specialized or more simple. If I'm tying on a leader specifically for the streamer, I'll do what Gavin said and just tie on a length of fluorocarbon, 8 or 10 pound test if I'm fishing bigger streamers, maybe add a couple feet of 6 pound test to it if I'm using smaller, lighter streamers in smaller, clear water. If the water is clear I'll make that length of fluoro a little longer, like 8 or 9 feet, if it's murky I'll shorten it to 6 feet or so.

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