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12/31/06 bass fishing report

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Went to my favorite subdivision lake again today. 57 degrees, partly cloudy and a good wind out of the south. Fished for about an hour and caught three fish. They fought really well for cold water.

Big front came in from the south and it started raining sideways so I left. Should have stayed since storm passed through quickly.

Headed to Montauk tomorrow for a quick day trip with my buddy. Hope to report good fishing.


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Sorry about not catching your reply. Better late than never.

I like to use flukes or unweighted plastic worms in the winter. I don't get in a big hurry unless they are really nailing it. In that case I go to a spinnerbait to see if they'll bite that because that's my favorite way to fish. Jig and pig works too.

Sometimes it's surprising how well bass bite and fight in the winter. A couple sunny, warm days in a row with a good south wind will turn em on. I really like a 20 - 30 mph wind because I've done real well on those days. those conditions when a front is pending is even better. I was just looking though my fish picture book and there is snow on the bank in one of them.

I started winter fishing for bass because I couldn't get away for a full on trout trip because of the 4 hour drive. I would get the shack nasties and just say what the heck, better than watching TV. If I lived in Branson or somewhere near the big resevoirs I'd be out there more. As it is I just hit the local ponds that are available and occasionally the golf course lakes.


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