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12-28-06 report


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a work buddy and I went out this morn about 7:45 to a sweet spot my bud always goes to below cedar grove. we were fishing for about 30 min getting a few nibbles he was using his spinning rod, i had my fly rod with some white and red streamers i tied up fishing the current breaks. about 8:15 we saw this dude come running down the other side of the river on top of a bluff and threw in about 50 or so trout out of a net. me and my bud looked at each other kinda puzzled then the conservation dude came back with another load of em.. had to be 100-150 fish.. so we were like "ought to be fish in here now!!!" so after about 2 hours.. we started catching the crap out of em. fun day. c&r'd most of them except 3 a piece for dinner. they were hitting anything though. anything that moved a little bit would trigger a bite. water was super super clear. not ever day you get your favorite hole stocked.. my buddy said he had never seen them stock here before. so it was a nice suprise. saw a few of the darn otters fishin that morn. hope to go back in a few days and see if they are still bitin good.

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