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Jig Tying help

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1/32 oz jig heads and tie on the marabou of choice. lots of wraps for a good collar and whip finish. Paint jig head. I use to tie alot of them years ago before I got into fly fishing. They are probably one of the easiest flies/jigs to tie. I use to change them up alot by using 2 colors or more of marabou and tying on a hackle to run down the center of the marabou.


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Hey, MrDucky. Remember me? We spoke right after you caught that beautiful Brown down at Taneycomo.

Anyway, about your jigs:

I like to tie jigs on 1/64 and 1/80 jig heads. I use gold, silver, and I paint some of my own. I tie 2 ways. The first way is like a Wooly Bugger. I tie in the marabou or rabbit fur and then wrap over it with micro chenille. The second way is to just tie down the marabou with about 6-8 wraps of a matching thread color.

Check out this website for some ideas, but beware - he is fishing for steelhead, so the sizes he suggests are too big for here. Stick to the smaller stuff.


Paul Rone

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You can go to Back Country Outfitters in the Fremont center in Springfield. The guys there have always been very helpful and will have the components which you will need.

You can also go to Bass Pro Shop in Springfield to the fly shop and get help.

BCO will probably be more able to give 1 on 1 than a busy place like BPS.

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I guess my biggest problem is to realize that jigs are flies too. The only difference is just that the weight is distributed on the hook instead of the line, as opposed to a bead headed nymph or bead headed midge. Same principle.

I seem to perceive that the weight on the head on the jig gives a special lifelike movement to the fly. It seems to me that Phil has had alot of success with jigs and that I need to realize that it's not just a spinning ultralite fly and suffices very well on the end of a flyrod.

I'll learn one day ^_^ .....Don

As far as tying goes...

Get a jig head with bare hook coming out of the jighead, instead of a weithted shoulder. this helps the action of the jig.

Now, I know nothing of Taney jigs, but at Roaring River I prefer the smallest olive marabou jig with olibve thread.

Don May

I caught you a delicious bass.

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