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When is Maramec open?


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I thought I read somewhere that Maramec was open 7 days a week, can someone help a brother out with the info.

I am planning a trip before C&R season is over and have read a few possible flies to use, can someone give me scoop on what the fish have been taking recently in the park.


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You are correct the park is open seven days a week. You need a Missouri fishing liscense with a trout stamp to fish. The only other charge is for parking.

As for what they are hitting check out the previous posts from the guys with the pictures of the huge fish. They are out of control!

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rookie, as greg said. they are open 7 days. i believe that they only charge you for parking friday, saturday, and sunday(the other days are free) as for what they are biting on. i like a scud down there. any color will due(olive, tan, grey, brown,etc) san juans work well and small egg patterns are hot when there hot and not when there not.

have caught some on elk hairs cracklebacks and emergers but i dont mess with them enough to really say how good they are. in the still water some of the unweighted leeches or woolies will get the attention of some of the bigger fish but in the faster water no doubt i prefer a scud. hope this helps




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