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Father-Son Fishing Adventure

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Our trip started off a little rough. I worked New Year's Eve and had a rough night; got about an hour's sleep and ended up with a early morning call that put us about an hour late. We got to the NYD get together late, but was able to meet a couple of guys that were still hanging around. We finally got to the water about 2:30 and fished until dark. Dad - 1, Son - 0! Time for some supper, the OU game and some much needed sleep.

The next day started off much better. We hit the water about 10:00a.m. and fished until dark again. John finally caught his first trout! In fact he ended up with three for the day and beat out his dad. Dad - 1, Son - 3! Back at Lilly's we set in on Jeremy's tying class and John learned a few new techniques and tied a couple of fly's. Thanks guys for the helpful tips.

Day three was another good day. In fact, we were having so much fun we extended our trip another day. Back on the water about 8:00 a.m. and fished until noon. Decided to take a break back at the truck for a mid-day snack and cold pop. As we were setting on the truck the horn blew. That's okay, we'll go get some real lunch, take a nap and be back at dark for some night fishing. The weather is suppose to cooperate and a full moon should make for a good night on the water. Too bad, some one forgot to tell the powersite! They were generating hard when we got back at 6:00 p.m. Okay, some supper and return later for a delayed start. Back at 10:00 p.m. to find four generators on-line! Today's totals; Dad - 6, Son - 2

Day four. As I left the room to start packing up for the return trip I heard the horn blow! Not again! That's okay, we'll start the day off with a good breakfast of biscuits and gravy and hit the water a little later. It's now 10:00 and the water is still flowing. The chart say's it's due to stop at noon and stay off until 5. So, it's time to introduce my son to one of the finer aspects of fly fishing/tying . . . visiting fly shops! And finding that one thing you just can't live without. Back on the water at noon . . . yup . . . water still on. So, we don our gear and head to outlet #1 where you can still get to the outlet from a small portion of the sand bar. We fished until 5 when they went on-line with four generators. Actually had a good time and saw a lot of fish caught. Dad - 4, Son - 4. We tried to stay as long as possible so we could declare a winner but the long road trip home demanded we leave so we declared the day a tie!

Over all this trip rates an A+. Some quality time with my son and some good fishing. I can't say enough about how nice Lilly's Landing was. Everyone was so friendly and the accomadations were great. If you get the chance, you must stay there.

Take care and tight lines to all.


Born to Fish, Forced to Work


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Sorry we missed you on NYD. Rob and I where gone by 2.

Great post.

One question.

"Is it ever possible for a man to walk into a fly shop and NOT find that one item he can't live without?"

Yes, I'm That Guy

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