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Jan. 5 (Mike)

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water was not as murkey as I would have thought.Fishing tough not very many being caught.Only spotted 2 bigger fish, 5 1/2 and 5 lbs. Hooked the bigger 1 and got wraped aroung a rock-Snap.Than got the 5pounder, of corse came off.15 min later got the 5pounder again and my tippet cameoff.(time to go back to school Knot tying 101)Later I was working both fish again and with no sucess.Started talking to a guy named Mike(I think that was his name) has checked out the site a few times.I pointed out the bigger fish and told him to get revenge for me!He didn't want to crowed me but I insisted.Few min later he hooked up to the fish, over the falls it went and he landed it.I was glad to help set him up on the fish.Guessing 5 1/2 and 21in+ a quick release. Than boom it hit me I needed a picture :( for the site. I really felt bad when he said his boys would have loved to see it.But it made my day watching him get revenge on the fish that broke me off.Hope they read this so they know it wasn't a fish story.Gratz on the nice Bow.

Still pissed about the one that got away!!!

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