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Upper BS Report


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So far this winter I've been getting out on Bull Shoals a little here and a little there, fishing mostly from Barker to Powersite. I caught a few bass and crappie in December, but I've not been fishing this water with confidence. The water's been a bit low, and stagnant, and I've not hit it hard (fishing upper Taneycomo and Table rock instead).

Well, that's about to change! The lake level's come up, and significant generation at TR dam has translated into "fresh" moving water on upper BS.

I had a chance to get out and scout a bit this morning... fishing from sunup to about 9:00. Conditions for walleye fishing are just about perfect. The ramp at River Run is in good shape, and there's plenty of water to run a bass boat from Powersite on down.

I threw stickbaits this morning, kind of a shake-down cruise in preparation for the night fishing I plan to do over the next couple of weeks. Two fish were caught... the proverbial 17 & 1/2" walleye and a largemouth that would easily go 4lbs. Maybe 5 ;)


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Well there's two characters we haven't seen in a while-

very nice to have you both lurking around.

It only means that walleye and white bass are around the corner.

Forsythian- thanks for reminding me about the walleye.

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WFT went well, Todd bought himself a hot new crankbait and caught a 20+ brown between the Park & Tan Vat on Wednesday. A little rain, but nice weather Thurs-Sunday. Lots of bald eagles out and about but the fishing was slow. Good time had by all and Kip's cousin Slosh announced that he was getting married. Fun weekend. Looking forward to the 11pt in February.


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Hello gentlemen, im a local to the area and have recently got hooked on walleye fishing below powersite. Ive been looking for some local info on tech.s and advice on how to advance my fishing. Anything anyone can throw at me will be appreciated. I'm familar with tablerock and the seasonal tactics that it runs. Now im trying to expand to the walleye run in the winter months. As I said, any info will be greatly appreciated...thanks

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The only advise I know is to not give up on the illusive Walley. For me they are by no doubt the fish of a thousand casts, and when i mean a thousand casts you will loose atleast a dozen Jerk Baits.

My best advise is to throw a stick bait. I have had good luck on several colors. Clown is one of my favorites.

Night time is the best, and when the water is running you will have better luck. This is a good pattern though March.

A lot of guys don't even fish if the water isn't running, I have about a 20 minute drive to the Walleye hole so I make it worth my while if the water isn't running. I'll throw a purple swimming minnow after dark or some type of white grub if it is just before Dark.

Im by no means a master angler of Walley or any other species but they are in my opinion one of the most trophy fish we have in our area of the Tri-Lakes.

Last year was one of my best years as far as numbers whereas the year before it seemed like I found more size.

Good luck

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