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A Quick & Small Bluegill Fly Swap - Looking For Five Folks


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Hey gents... please send them to:

Mike Donaldson

9065 James Court

New Baden IL 62265

Include: a return package and $5 or $8

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Let me add... you can also put return postage on your return package. Please remember that the return package may or may not weigh a little more than the one you send it... specially if you have small flies.

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I don't have a name for the fly that I submitted so you can just call it DaddyO's Bluegill Bug. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know the recipe and why I chose these specific materials.


Hook: #10 Scud Hook

Thread: UTC 6/0 Olive

Tail: Anything wispy. Marabou or Afterfeather from any Hackle

Body: Whitlock SLF Dragonfly Olive

Head/Wing: Yellow Foam

Legs: Medium Rubber

I chose the Scud Hook and Marabou/Afterfeather tail because I wanted something that would break the surface film and provide action in the water below the Foam Head and wing. The SLF dubbing has a little flash in it. What fish can resist rubber legs. Yellow foam because yellow is my most productive color for Panfish and the foam because I like seeing them take it.

This is my favorite panfish fly to use during the late spring and all through the summer. I usually just cast this out and let it sit for about 5 to 10 seconds. If there is a Bluegill in the area and they are looking up, they're gonna hit it. If it turns out that they aren't looking up, you can strip it back to you. I've found that I catch more bass than bluegill when I am casting and stripping with this fly. Anyway, tight lines and all that. I hope it's a producer for you.


We all make decisions; but, in the end, our decisions make us.

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