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Fishing reports..


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1/07/07 night report..

fished between chutes 1 and 2

very slow. wind was strong, still almost a full moon..

tried scuds, woolies, leeches, zonkers, gray mink streamer

picked up 3fish on the on the gray mink.. and 2 on a white zonker..no size

out for about 2 1/2hours

1/08/07... night report

fished from 9pm-11pm

alot better then the night before.. clear skies and still a bit breezy

gray mink streamer picked up 12 fish with the biggest about 18in brown...

they stopped hit that so I changed over to a olive pine squirrel.. pick up 3more... well in the process of changing flies....I had the living "stuff" scared out of me... they blew a horn to turn on a generator..

well I got a gray zonker tied on and second cast was a 22in bow (big male).. had to go about 3 1/2 maybe a close 4lb

totaled out close to 20 fish

1/09/07 daytime

fished from 8:30am till about 11:30am

fished with Mr.Ducky..

it wasn't bad for day fishing..

they had 3 maybe 4 units on..so with out a boat you are pretty much fishing in the outlets...

well we started drifting a few scuds.. of course we caught some fish..

then the flushed out the hatchery.. and little baby trout was coming out.. so in the pocket I go with a jig fly (shad color) and hit 3 fish back to back about 2-3lbs each..

well Mr.ducky change flies over to a peach egg.. and caught a few fish.. so I changed over to.. I caught a few fish to...

I think all in all ducky ended up with somewhere around 8-14 fish(no sure, maybe more).. and I had maybe just over 20..

1/09/07 night time

I got out for a little bit last night...

had the chance to go to Jeremy's tying class.. I even learned a couple of thing (all you guys that know alot about tying.. try a class and see what you come out learning).......

I left a little early wanted to get in a little fishing..

when I got there.. I think they had 3 units on.. or had just shut them off..

walked over to the stairs to see if ducky was there... yep there he was.. rod doubled over a lite indictor on and about a 18-19in brown on the end of it..

well only real place we had to fish was the chute..

so with scud, sj worms and some eggs patterns..

we stood there and caught alot of fish (him catching most of them)..

I maybe caught 6-10 fish .. he caught maybe 15-20 while I was there...

we hook alot of fish for just a few seconds.. a good bounce out of the water then they were gone!!

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Leonard thx for fishing with me yesterday it was great , Leonard showed me what to watch for as the water changes color , lol shad and a small trout where floating then the bigger fish would come and swollow them its was the coolest thing to watch , After fishing with leonard i went fishing off the cooper creek access area , wanted to practice more with the fly rod . TOOOO DANGGGG windy again , I wasnt feeling good at all , started to get a fever and just felt lousey , anyways i missed the tieing class :( but there will be others , anyways from not feeling well to too dang windy i did have fun and waiting for my next day off

Yikes!!! I Hate that warning horn

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Hey Leonard,

I'll be down in Spf saturday visiting family.

If the weather doesn't get too nasty, I was going to try to get out on the water early Sun am (5ish give or take) and fish a few hrs.

Would love any company if anyone wants to brave the rain/sleet/snow...

Let me know if any takers. I've only fished Taney a few times but am always up for an adventure.

In a blue / gray Chevy silverado.


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