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1/10/07 report

Brian Sloss

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John Kern, a customer down here and long time fisherman on the 11 point who has caught many fish in the Blue Ribbon waters got out in a canoe today and gave me the following report. Though numbers of fish caught were less for what he ussually catches here (about 11 or so taday), he did hook a couple of dandies. The biggest being about 24 inches or so and another more like 20. He was fishing DEEP and I do mean DEEP. In a lot of places, 10ft of 4x to the indicator. The biggest fish was caught while achored in a tailout below a fast run in an eddy by the seam between fast and slow water with his indicator all the way up to the fly line. He used 2 A sized split shot to sink the Dan's Crawdad. This fish, a female, launched itself a few times from the surface and put on quite a show before being released. He lost a lot of flies on the botttom, but that is the price to have a chance at a big fish in the higher than normal conditions and faster water we have had this winter. Hopefully the picture will follow in a couple of days when he gets it developed.




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