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You are absolutely right Troutgal. A major battle has been won by the family, but the rehab for those children will go on for years.

What a shame for anyone to go through such a trauma.

Thom Harvengt

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I was happy as well. Usually after so many hours missing, abducted individuals are not found alive. Also, in a strange way, the kidnapping was a blessing in disguise of some sort since the other boy was found. Just don't let me get on my soapbox about what I think should happen to the kidnappers. Finally, thanks to Leonard for posting the Amber on this site.


Don May

I caught you a delicious bass.

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That's great news. Some tough times ahead, but I'd bet the famlies are overjoyed to have them back.

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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