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My Thoughts to those Iced In

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We sure are lucky in N. Ark where we have just received rain and not the lower temps causing the severe icing that many of you are encountering. My prayers go out to all of you and your families during this time. We encountered this a few years back and I do know what you are going through. Dano

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This has been a very strange week for storms. Dano is clean, Springfield is a disaster area. St Charles is covered in ice and we are simply wet.

We live just north of St Louis and southwest from St Charles, I think. All of the ice seemed to have swept up I 44 from Springfield and then north above St Louis.

It just dumped huge amounts of rain on us.

We lived through the ice the last two times. I am thankful that we were missed this time. For those of you that got hit hard, be careful, stay safe.

I drove to Nashville tonight. On my way here I passed two convoys of ameren trucks heading towards St Louis. Each convoy had about 15 lift bucket trucks. I hope they are headed for someof you.

Our prayers go out to all.


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Even though the 11 year old of the house is "bored stiff" when the power is out, we have food, hot water (gas water heater) and heat (gas fireplace.) The food is out of the fridge and in the garage. And it's nice and quiet without all the standard "noise" of electrical devices.

The wife, kid, dogs, cat, fish, guinea pig, and horse are fine and well. No trees fell on the house or the vehicles.

I consider myself very fortunate...

Hope everyone else is doing as well...



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