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how bad is it

Steve ks

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I have not been since 1993. It is a circus, not a fishing trip. It is fun if you are a part of the circus. It is elbow to elbow at first with some in back of you waiting for a hole. Then it thins down to a crowd. I have only fished Montauk on an opener so I don't know about the rest. Most catch a limit, change clothes and come back for more! I have never had a fly rod in hand on an opening day, not enough room for a backcast. If you are not expecting a quality fishing experience, just a good time with friends, go. If not, do what I do and celebrate opening day somewhere other than a trout park.

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I agree completely with jdmidwest. It is a circus, zoo, whatever. I can appreciate the tradition but its just not my cup of tea. When I was a teen (70's) I went with a couple of buddies every year. It was crowded then but nothing like now. It seemed like every year it got a little worse to the point where it just wasn't fun anymore and I dropped out. It does thin out a little as the day goes on but not much.

A few years ago I took my younger son on opening day and we drove around for an hour just looking for a place to park. Have not been since then. That being said though if I had never been - I would probably want to go at least once. It's part of the MO trout fishing scene for sure.

If you do go one tip: You'll probably want to lose the fly rod. There just isn't much room to cast. I saw one guy almost get lynched when he was using a fly rod the last opening day I went to.


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Greg Mitchell

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Heres some tips for opening day.Go with a open mind.Knowing it's going to be an adventure.Arrive very early,use a spinning rod with a heavier line then normal[4-6lps.]it will help when you get nicks from snags,use a jig or something you can control and fish won't swallow so deep,try to find a drop off so you don't have to cast far,if you get snagged with someone be nice and try to get the tangle yourself you can always break off your jig and retie[beats standing there for 10min. watching people cast over you making it worse]if the snagee gets to the snag first ask the snagee to break you off and you'll try to get your jig later ,try to stay away from young kids they snag alot but remember they have a right to this adventure too :lol: dress warm It's normally very cold,bring an extra spool your line will take a beating. Opening day is a good thing.The stream is stocked to the gills,they throw in quite afew lunkers,and you can start your own tradition.I'll bet there's some anglers here that have been to more then my 20 plus years of opening day adventures.

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yep its definitely a day to go for tradition...and the fishing is quite good if you can handle the crowd, we go to montauk. We went to the past few years after years of absence. You have to get down there really early and if you plan on trying to get a spot 1 hour before fishing time anywhere you will be out of luck.

There are certain parts of montauk which arent hit as hard as you may think. Last year me and my dad fished the flats between hudson corner and the big rock hole up from the waterfall and had no one on the side of the river we were on (cliff side). You can get a spot but it may take some wading to the other side or a little bit of a walk to pay off. The main holes will be jam packed though so unless you get down a few hours before the whistle and can handle your temper and be patient then you could be alright.

Opening day is a pretty good day for the numbers of fish caught and i believe around 100 lunkers were caught opening day last year at montauk.

I cant wait to go this year because i just enjoy the environment and seeing friends down there, when it comes to serious fishing ill surely choose another day!

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I was there a Saturday in the fall. THAT was bad enough. Can't imaging opening day....



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I'd like to see the tennis balls and dog. :lol:

My son is 16 and begging me to take him and his friends opening day. I'll do it for him but probably wont fish.


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My son goes to opening day at Bennett. I went with him once----not because I didn't enjoy it---I just have to work.

We arrived 5 minutes before the whistle---reinforced coffee in hand and had a great time watching the anglers have their first casts. We adjourned to breakfast, and began fishing at about 11AM----by then most of the people were gone.

"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after." Henry David Thoreau

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