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Whats the odds???


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Fished the rock on friday, surface temps were 51 degrees, in the dam area. I have just now this AM gone to 32 degrees on my deck. Most all weekend temps at Blue Eye were in the high thirtys to low 40's. and the ground was warm so run-off would not have cooled the lake much.

If it gets to single digets at night, we may have the best chance we have had in several years. We'll keep our fingers crossed. I don't expect it though.

Had to check. Just ran down to old 86 launch ramp and checked surface temp on TR 49.9 at the dock, surface temp.

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Is there a magic temp to kill the little fellas? or just keep fingers crossed?

Rescheduled my visit to this wknd. hopefully Sat am.

Is a substantial shad kill a rarity (every 5-10 yrs) or does it happen more frequently? I've only read the legendary accounts of the fast furious action down on the White.

Leonard, you any good for Sat am?

I guess Phil will keep us posted.


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