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A break from the dogs


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Greetings all!

A little info on myself. Professional canine educator, Boy Scout Fly fishing merit badge instructor, Chaplain and all around good guy. I train dogs to support my fishing and Boy Scout habit. :)

I just accidentally ran into this site, but will have it bookmarked from now on.

Lake Taneycomo has been a Winter get away since the beginning of my marriage 30 years past. :wub:

I hope to visit with some of you on one of my visits some day soon.

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I looked at your site. How often do you have pups? Is there a waiting list? How long is it? My wife is thinking that a Chocolate Lab is in our future some day in the next year or so. We have a dalmation right now. Bailey is getting on in years and Rob is a dog person. I don't think she could be wthout one. Sometimes I think she would rather have the dog around instead of me. :huh:

We are not hunters. :( We look for dogs that are good companions and that can be easily trained. We do live on a lake, so a "water dog" will be in hog heaven.

Just curious. Not ready to buy. Bailey probably would not like a new puppy in the house.


Yes, I'm That Guy

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Dog lovers are always a pleasant addition. Gives us someone to call when Terry gets out of line.

No need... the vicious Yorkies here at the homestead take care of any and all big dogs...

Welcome to the forum Gundog...



"There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process." - Paul O’Neil

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LMW said "My wife is thinking that a Chocolate Lab is in our future some day in the next year or so."

At this point I do not have pups, but can get them with just a little notice.

Labs are great beasts to have as part of the family; so full steam ahead. Generally I do not promote Chocs, but since this will be a family pet, I say what ever the wife wants, get it.

The Chocs, more so than yellows or blacks,at least the majority of them, seem to have a few discipline problems(among other things) at some point, as you will soon see, so I try to get "hunters" to go with a yellow or black.

When I ask why a person that is having their dog trained "why did you choose a chocolate?", the reply is usually " The wife thought "they look so purdy" :huh: so thats what we got".

I guess that happens a lot with new fisherman and buying those "purdy" lures and flys. :lol:

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I will now continue my spanking on peoples choices for dog purchases...OK, since it's Phil, and I need to rent one of his pontoons in the next couple of weeks... I will resist the temptation. :D

Actually English Setters, and of course GORDON SETTERS :excl: (For one of my best friends, Mark Borserine, Pres of HOAFF, who will also be accompanying me on that said pontoon boat,) are a great breed of dog. Of course just like many breeds or bloodlines of specific breeds, you need to do some research before you buy. IF you just want a buddy and a family pet, you just go for a good healthy specimen, but for a hunter, leg work(or in the world of internet, finger work) needs to be done.

Again, I have a huge network of dog owners/ breeders to draw on; so with short notice I can usually produce a prime candidate.

What we need is a persons price range,goals for the dog, sex, color and age you want the pup.

I should probably CMA on that last sentance but let's live dangerously :lol:;)


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