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Something HOT for a cold day

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I don't know if anyone has ever posted this, I searched and came up dry. I came across this late last year. Asked for it for Christmas but my wife said, in no uncertain terms, it would *NOT* be hanging in her home. Pshaw I say...

The Women in Waders calendar. On sale now.


Some nice lookin' trout in those pictures. Doubt the models caught them.


Each time I buy a new fly............

My wife gives me the same look........

I give her when she buys another purse...


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highly doubtable. but, then again, they rarely venture into that area of the home.


WARNING!! Comments to be interpreted at own risk.

Time spent fishing is never wasted.

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Mr. Ducky tried for that one, too...and I vetoed it! Told him he could take a picture of me after a day of fishing, but it wouldn't be quite the same! :lol: No make-up...my hair a mess...and as clumsy as we both are, it's bad enough to pull a hook out of my hand, arm, leg, etc... But at the end of that day, we have dinner! :lol:

Yikes!!! I Hate that warning horn

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