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Details for a fly swap...


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In a swap...

1 guy starts it up and decides which flies or combination of flies for the swap.

after here post it then he will wait for it to fill up.. and offers a due for the flies to be mailed to him

then the swapper tyes up the flies of their choice (the one they decided to do).. There is a total number of swappers you tye that many of 1 fly ..and mail the to the guy who began the swap.. (if all flies get in early enough most of the time you do get them back sooner).

the due is just a time frame to try to have them done.. I compensates for the guys who fish, work, family duties... so they have enough spare time for everything in between..

after you are done with the flies... try to get them in a crush proof container (like an altoid tin, small cheap fly box) this is so that your flies dont smashed.. then take a small piece of paper and tag the flies you had tied (this is the toe tag).. included should be you name or screen name.. name of fly.. and I you want to post the recipe on the forum.. PLEASE try to post it under one of your existing posts (like the one that has the fly name in it)

then you mail them to the guy who started the swap (making sure you have a return package, enough postage to get them back (use stamps not meter mail)**)

the host of the swap then seperates all flies giving each swapper a fly.. then he puts the back in the mail (this is why you need you return postage)..and mails them back to you...

so after tye 15 of the same flies.. mail them to the host of the swap.. he then splits tem up and mails them back to all swappers.. in you return have 14 new flies plus the one you tied in the swap (a complete set)


When you use meter mail for a swap... the post office wont use it.. Therefore put a few mailing stamps on it..The best thing to do is on you return evelope have about the same amount of postage you sent it with

Dont forget to add you return address

This is about all it really takes..

If any swappers has any other question.. please e-mail me or call me and I can explain it a little better then writting it out..

If I left anything out anyone who can think of it please post it..


(417)-779-8061... call if you may need more help... or if you want to BS ;)

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