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Weekend Report

Steve Smith

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Well, no power this weekend, but the roads were clear enough to get to Roaring River so a buddy and I decided to fish. Oddly enough the river was protected from the ice storm as you dropped down into RR valley; the iced tree line stopped about 100 feet below the ridge top. There was no ice in the park trees at all. At most, there were only a half dozen fishing the park, and the fishing was good. Saturday morning was dry fly time with Grizzly cracklebacks doing great; especially in size 12 or bigger. We picked up a few fish in every hole until the rain started, and then the rise was over. We then switched over to green SJW and ginger woollies to finish the day. Sunday was about the same as Saturday and even less people in the park. I was doing pretty well on a gnat pattern, and I had one good fish cut a “V” in the water towards the fly. I got “buck fever” and set before the fish had the hook. After I slapped myself around, I kept working the spot, but never got that fish to take again. We fished until the rain started, and called it a good day to stoke wood in the stove. The river is looking really good. It is up about two feet and flowing enough to push a lot of water over both the hatchery falls. There is some color to the water but it is not murky yet. That may change today after another good rain last night. The fish are getting really leery of humans; especially the horses.

Tim Homesley; I checked your fly shop and there is no damage from the ice storm that I could see. You may not have any power, but the tree limbs are holding up good. Most of the downed power lines from broken trees are well north of Roaring River Park.


AKA Flysmith - Cassville MO

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