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Big cedar 2-12 /2-15 should i bring a boat


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hey guys.

the wife decided to use some of our timeshare points to come to big cedar for valentines day.. she said i could bring the boat and fish while she shops if i wanted... is there any use fishing the lake in mid feb???? if so what are biting and where... never been on this part of the lake at all so any pointers would be taken well.. or should i just drive to a public access on taneycomo and trout fish?

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also if anyone knows the lake well and wants to tag along let me know between now and then... will probably be fishin early a.m. these days. have plenty of room for 2

i have been a river fisherman my whole life but lakes kinda throw me for a loop every now and then..

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It could be very good for jerk baits when you get there. If I didn't want to spend a lot of time in mfg. malls and shows I would for sure bring the boat.

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February of 06 was excellent in the Dam Big Cedar area. By far, one of the best eary bites we had in years.

This year it will be much, much tougher with 10 to 12 feet of additional water that wasn't here last year.

Still, target transition banks, long flat points leading into cove mouths, and gravel banks off main river channels in that area.

I know you said Big Cedar time shares, but don't let the locals or the accual Big Cedar folks here you talk like that.

They call the Time Share "Wilderness Club". They will be quick to tell ya, its not the same.

Check out the nightly rental prices for both Wilderness Club, and then Big Ceder, and you will know doubt see the difference.

Good luck with your fishin in the Big Cedar Area of TR.

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lol yeah i just bought this thing through ebay and paid nothin for it.. i would rather be stayin at lilleys. can't get any better than his place in my opinion.. but she wants something "romantic" for valentines day... crap the only thing romantic she wants in my debit card and a pass at the malls lol.. atleast she has our 6month old to tag along that may help slow her down some lol.... i think that is in the wilderness club where our room is... not sure on the difference but i know thats what it says on our reservations... i have only been on table rock once.. so what part of the lake is that on so i can check out lilley's kick butt maps to find out where i am going :)

hey lilley... could you go burn that place down so we could come see you again and i can use my ebay vacation for the beach like i planned :D :D :D :D :Thumb:

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Polock, to answer your questions from the message you sent. Yes there are guides working the entire year. Yes, they have Winter rates, they are usually higher than in the Summer as we have to get our pinkeys cold. Just kidding, same rate all the time.

Yes again, when your here the bass will be giving it a go.

Talked to Bill today and he fished this morning and caught fish deep in the 50ft. range on vertical jigging 4 inch grubs. Yesterday, we threw the bank with suspending stickbaits.

You are coming to a great area of the lake to crappie fish. crappie are being caught up long creek as we speak. Fish seem to be coming from the main creek channel in about 20 ft. on the bottom. Minnows as well as Swimming minnows and jigs will produce. You just have to work to find them. There should be some more posts on the crappie with better locations by the time you arrive. One problem, is almost all the crappie in that area are coming out of Arkansas you you will also need a Ark. permit to fish the long creek area. You can get a three day.

Also spoke to some crappie fisherman in the Baxter area and they are starting the catch some really nice crappie suspended in the trees in that same 20ft. depth range. To my suprise most reported to be catching them on the main lake rather than in the creeks.

Hope this helps. B. Babler White River Outfitters

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