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Anybody going this weekend?


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I got a new fly rod that needs broke in and bow season is over with also. Only one thing left to do and thats trout fish. :)

Anybody else thinking about going down this weekend?

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I bow hunted really hard this year and got enough to fill my bow hunting fever. The rod I got is a 4wt 8 foot St. Croix Premier. Cabelas had them on sale marked down from $100 to $60. I've got a 4 weight Teton Tioga that I'm putting on it. The rod feels like a winner just holding. Hopefully it works with 7x tippet and I don't snap fish off like I do with my other rods.

I'm not sure if I am going to make it down now or not. It depends on the weather. If its not snowing hard Sunday, I'll try and make it down that day also. Maybe we can meet up if you go Sunday also.

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Well did you do any good? I didn't make it down there. My little truck is only 2WD and I wasn't sure what B highway was like. Hopefully, I'll get down there next weekend.

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seth, i went by myself today but there were about a dozen other people there as well. i caught a lot of fish and the bite never slowed. biggest landed was a 5 and 1/2 lb male rainbow. i have a pic but will post later. caught a few others in the 4-5 lb range and i caught well over a dozen 2 and 1/2 lbers(the ones you can barely grip with one hand;and i have big hands) :)

caught about 50-60 fish fishing with leeches, sculpins, scuds, and woolies

water is up at least a foot or 2 and is very cloudy but the big ones are back, so i actually prefer it the way it is now. if you like sightfishing you still can but keep your attention on the banks




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