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t/r lake shad colored spinner baits

back o d boat

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My first post here.I love to fish spinnerbaits and I was wondering if any one here has tried War Eagles or any others brand of what they are calling their table rock lake shad color.It has purples or lavander, chart,some pink and pearl white in the skirts.I had never heard of this color comb.All I have used is white or white with a little chart.But all of a sudden I'am seeing this T/R lake shad color advertized.Thanks.Ahhh Great now its Snowing here in Joplin!

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I have used chartreuse/blue with success for years. I don't see why chatreuse/purple would not work just as well. On most flatland lakes the c/b is my first choice. On TR and Bull I've had more success with a plain black twin spin.

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