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Bennett open on Friday 1-19-07???

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Could very well be the case seams that Jerry and Brenda the owners of Weavers have been without power for allmost a week and will have to wait till next week to get it. So that said heres the message I found on theresight.


Jon Joy


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You still have to buy a permit to fish C&R, right? That could be the reason for closing...?



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No permit required for C&R. You just need the state trout stamp and a fishing license. That's the sweet part about C&R. Plus if the park is closed, don't let that stop you. Jump into the Niangua anywhere just above or below the Bennet. I've caught some nice trout, smally's and goggle eye. Actually it's a nice change of pace. I did good with a little crawdad colored cranbait and stripped wooly's on my flyrod!

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That's got to hurt. Hopefully he's doing ok, so what's stopping you now. Your not that far away and you can get cell service!! I thought about running down also but can't get anyone to go with me to off-set the gas.

Oh well, snow is coming this afternoon. I need to service the tractor and get it ready to take care of all the old ladies!

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