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It is noon and starting to sleet in Cotter, Arkansas, Trout Capital USA.

John Berry


Fly Fishing For Trout




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Started raining @ 9:30 am and snow @ 12:00 pm. BIG snow flakes. I noticed Thursday evening that our carport is starting to bend in the middle from the weight of the sleet. We have our vehicles parked in the street for fear that it will collapse. With this additional snow it might do it tonight.

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Just waiting here in Troy IL. {St. Louis} for the snow to show up :rolleyes: The forecast caused me to cancel my planned fishing trip to Montauk. :angry: Sure didn't want to take a chance driving in those hills and snow. :wacko:

"God gave fishermen expectancy, so they would never tire of throwing out a line"

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Fort Smith @ 4:30 and a very cold drizzle that chills to the bone. That's all so far. Thermometer outside work says it is 33. That's down 4 degrees since 12:30.


Each time I buy a new fly............

My wife gives me the same look........

I give her when she buys another purse...


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