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Well as I said the Stripers are starting to come up the river I went to the Webbers falls lock and dam today and it was running and there were gulls EVERYWHERE! The sea gulls were eating shad on top of the water... approxamatly 3" long... But back to the lower Illinois. I heard from one of the workers at Daves bait and tackle and he said that a Jig head 1/8th size with a pearl colored shad was working great below the little bridge that goes across the river down below Gore landing I cant wait until next weekend!!! Ill be going on a trip with my buddy from OKC. Down to the mouth of the Arkansas fishing I'm thinking about taking my fly rod but not sure how to fish that down there... Any ideas and fly suggestions for down there?

Thanks! :D

"Its clearly Bree time baby!"

Member: 2009 U.S. Youth Fly-Fishing Team. Competed Czech Republic. 7th Place Team

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Member: 2010 U.S. Youth Fly-Fishing Team. Competed The America Cup. 4th Place Team

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