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Hey all,

I have been getting some p.m.'s wondering how the river is fishing. To be honest I have not been fishing (or guiding) on the river a TON lately because of all the water we have had for a couple months now.

We have had right at or above 1000 CFS for well over a month now. It seems as though everytime the water is just about to fall out we get another rain. Right now it is only taking 1/2" of rain to bring the river up several hundred CFS.

I'm no where near complaining about having water...trust me. I can't wait to see the "young of the year" totals from the MDC this time next year, with all the water the fish have had through spawn the hatch should be the best we have seen in a few years.

All in all, the fish are still there and if it is safe enough for heaven's sake FISH :) But I would stay away from wading in anything much over 700 CFS (and that is pushing it a little in a few spots)

As soon as I can fish the river enough to find a pattern I will definitely report, I just have to be able to fish it for more than a day to tell you guys the "hot" flies. B)

Just think about how FAT the fish are going to be after this water falls out!!


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I ended up a no go last wknd but the schedule IS blocked this saturday.

Still up and rolling with the recent round of rain.

If flows look like they may get anywhere close to 1200-1000 then i'll probably try to make it down.

Let me know if you are around this wknd and can break away.

Keeping my eye on Taney too to see if they will every stop generating.....after last summer's drought though, it is good to see some water.


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