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I'm looking for photos the jig used frequently on the White during high water.

Specifically: overall length, color of marabou, chenille body or not, color of chenille, etc. I've had a few friends who have had some good days there with these jigs but all of them are w/o power in the Springfield area so none can email any photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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A guide friend of mine uses a simple pink marabou jig during 2 generators plus. We hauled em in one day while floating along Wildcat Shoals. For the fly rod I think probably its 1/80 oz or better. I would assume a larger one for spinning gear.


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Chromedome.1/4,1/8,1/16.Chrome head,red thread, white maribou.It's a very effective jig when running water on the White.Most tackle stores down there will know what your looking for when you say Chromedome.I highly recomend it if shad are coming thru the turbines.

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Here's a link that might help:


I thought that Phil had a page somewhere with a lot of different jig colors, but I couldn't find it. Like I mentioned in another thread, you can't go wrong with natural colors such as olive, brown, or black. You also need to have some white jigs tied with red thread and a chrome head to imitate any shad that can come through the dam. On the White, I rarely throw anything smaller than 1/16 on a spinning rod. With the higher water flows that we are having now, you are gonna need some 3/32 oz and 1/8 oz jigs as well. Just make sure that it can get to the bottom. If I get into a real clear, low & still water situation, I may go to a 1/32 oz, but when it gets like that, I go to the fly rod. I tie my own and I buy some of the zig jigs, they have a unique head that sometimes produces better than the conventional ball shaped heads you can buy at BPS or Cabelas.

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