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Spent all day getting these guys finished up.  20 is too many to do at one time. Need to keep it down to 8-10.  Hand stippling 300-400 dots on 20 baits takes forever.

Here is my take on the V 63! It came out pretty amazing !

I’ll be interested to see if eventually the fish learn to read your autograph and shy away 😀 If so, you have my permission to put ‘ness’ on there. That should put them at ease. 

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I only paint for me and my friends, and I only buy the blanks that I like to use.  With that being said, I did buy a bulk order of these Live Target Craw blanks about a month ago as I was running low.  I have been fishing them for several years now and they are my favorite bait.  If anyone is interested and would want some, I would be willing to sell some of them.  They run about 4'-5' deep and very straight.  They are not the cheapest by any means, but they are almost $10 in the store.  I would be asking $2.00/bait plus shipping and ask if you want any to by 5 or more. Message me through here if you want any or have any questions.  







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On 2/11/2020 at 10:06 AM, Lvn2Fish said:

All ready for their new home ! 


Nice job

“Anybody opens their mouth, gonna get a bullet. Anybody moves a little weird, little sudden, gonna get a bullet. Not a warning. Not a question. A bullet.”  - Major Marquis Warren


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