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Feathers and Fins

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I Cannot be more proud of my wife. I opened the store at O-DARK-THIRTY, and had reports of stripers all day, one of my great sources told me exactly where and they were bruisers. It ate at me all day knowing that so when I got home I grabbed my wife and loaded up. Stopped back off at the store grabbed a few Brooders and hit the lake by 4pm.

She tied in to this Bruiser and did all the work including bringing it to net like a pro. Really could not be more proud of her, 10lb test line with the power of a Calcutta and a determined woman was more than a match for it. Also the perfect fish it fought on the surface the entire time.


Not 5 minutes later I tied in to a 20lb fish and she snapped this picture


Totaled out with three and home by 8pm i call that a great Easter Striper Slaying.

( M_Taylor) right where I told you and they did go surface tonight.

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Nice. It was a beautiful day out there. I got five stripers after 6pm but couldn't find the nice ones like you did.

Actually did better than I thought I would on bass too. Fishing real slow and methodical. Something I didn't see much of out of the 70mph crowd that almost ran me over.

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