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Favorite 5 characters in a TV show


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I started thinking about this a few days ago, and gave it a while before I posted because I wanted to be sure I wasn't overlooking something. But I'm comfortable with this list even though it's weighted heavily in a couple shows show. So, here goes:

Barney Fife

Ernest T. Bass

Briscoe Darling

Eddie Haskell

Archie Bunker

Honorable mention:

Frank Burns

Ted Baxter

Col. Henry Blake

This isn't limited to comedy characters, but I just lean that way I guess. So, who are yours?


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Walker, Texas Ranger

Daisy Duke


Rachel Green

The Fonz


This is exactly what I was hoping for from this post--somebody's ideas shaking things up a bit!


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You liked Eddie Haskell?

And Frank Burns ?

This says a lot about you.

I don't know if there's some hidden meaning in all that. I'll just say -- those two dudes crack me up!!


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Pee wee

Tinky Winky

La La


Seriously though...

Foghorn Leghorn !




Laurie Partridge (I had the hots for Susan Dey)

Holy chit, this has gone a direction I didn't think of :D.

I gotta say, Foghorn Leghorn is an all time favorite of mine. Kramer, well who enters a room better?


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Dr. Sheldon Cooper

The Fresh Prince


Hans Shultz

Sgt. Schultz?

He was on my short list. Klink was too.


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