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went up right below cedar grove this morning... got there about 7:30 and it was cloudy and darn outside... river was up a foot or 2 and was murkey... the first cast landed a 12" rainbow.. thought that was strange... between 7:30 and 8:30 i already landed over 10 fish... fished for about 2 more hours and probably caught close to 20 fish... they were biting anything that moved. but i was using a white bugger type streamer.. ended up keeping my 4 for the hot grease.. biggest one was a little over 17" smallest around 8" had a great time.. felt like i was on taney when it is hot not the current..

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they were aggressive yesterday... i would cast upstream and let drift at the edge of the current / back water.. stripping up the slack in the line and you would just see the line take off.. also i fish a few still holes where i was stripping and they were chasing the flys like july panfish

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