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Big m with the 11 year old fishing the Ned.

jay bird

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Fished from 4 to 830 the 11 year old had 19 with three good keepers nothing over 16, and I had about 12 with two keepers again nothing over 16. I did not fish very hard but really loved watching him catch fish. Chunk rock banks moving into gravel was the ticket main lake with the better fish coming off points. Water temperature 56 to 57. The boy missed a ton of fish, but still had 19 in the boat, if u have a kid hook up the Ned and take them out. Color did not seem to matter even tried blue and still got a bite. He used the same pumpkin with red flake on one of Dave's heads all night.

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Dave's jigheads are great. I thought the Ned would be a great kids bait.

Need marine repair? Send our own forum friend "fishinwrench" a message. 

He will treat you like family!!! I owe fishinwrench a lot of thanks. He has been a great mechanic with lots of patience!

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Wow, excellent afternoon. Always good to hear young kids having fun catching fish. The little rig is the ticket to success. Water temp is really moving up in the upper white.

Born to Fish. Forced to Work.

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