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trolling motor battery solutions.

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SO I have a little minn kota trolling motor with a 12 volt car battery. I get 3-4 good hours out of it, but then its dead I have to put it back on the charger. Which means hours of fishing without it. How can I get more life out of my battery? Or is there some way I can set up 2 batteries and some sort of alternator ish setup to charge one while able to use the other?

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Don't use a "car" battery. Use a deep cycle made for trolling motors. Get one with a large reserve capacity, preferably 200. You can lengthen your time with 2 deep cycles that are hooked up parallel. That means run a jumper wire from + on battery 1 to + on battery 2 and another wire from - on battery 1 to - on battery 2. They both need to be the same size and age for good performance.

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