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Pat's Rubber Legs

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Don't know how long this pattern has been around, but Terry Wilson introduced a very similar fly called "Bully's Bluegill Fly" decades ago.

There are stone flies in the NFOW and I used to use a number of stonefly patterns there. After considerable experimentation, I found that a large Wooly Worm worked as well as more elaborate patterns. Wooly Buggers worked well, too, and could have been mistaken for either big stoneflies or small crayfish. All these patterns were heavily weighted and clunky to cast.

For the fun of it, and certainly more fun casting, I preferred dry and slightly wet patterns and caught plenty of fish on them. These included various skittering caddis patterns (Elk Hair and King's River), Humphys and hopper patterns. Not only were they more fun to cast, trout often would leap all the way out of the water and capture the moving fly on the way down, which was visually delightful.

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Wapsi makes a chenille called "Black coffee" that is black/brown variegated and it is a solid producer. Go brown on the legs.

Darn it, every time I read one these posts I have to go shopping!

Found some of the black/coffee on Ebay and also ordered some olive/brown that looked pretty good for a crawfish imitation.

We'll see.....



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