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a rig dummy baits???


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All my a rigs are 5 wire. What do I do with the other two? Tried cutting the hooks off a jig but dont have good pliers. Any other ideas? Just leave them bare? Not sure if I brought extra blades or not.

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I thought about that but I only have good hooks. The few light wire hooks I have I can't really spare

Heck, if your in a bind use a metal coat hanger. Make a loop at one end to attach to the arm and skewer whatever bait you want on the straightened out end. Should work. Could probably write a book on using a metal coat hangers as some sort of MacGyver tool in a pinch.

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Not the first time I have heard you mention a coat hanger and I haven't been around long. Lol

I've used them for everything including unclogging a toilet to unlocking my running car with the keys in the ignition. Lol.

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