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cambell point night 4-7-15

merc1997 Bo

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whew!! the bite did not start until midnight tonight. ended up with 13 keepers, with 4 being in the 3 lb. range. coves were again the best for us. did not do well on any main lake stuff.

best bait, again, was the 1/4 hair jig, and a 3/8 rubber, with the hair jig doing just a bit better. best depth was 10 to 15 ft. with a few bites at 20 ft.

with the bite being as deep as it has been at night, i would think the daytime bite would be 15 to 20. probably find them a bit more shallow, 10 to 12 ft., in the murky water.

there is tons of bait back in the coves, and during the day, a lot of bass might even stay suspended eating on the shad. this would be a great time to catch them on a holy rogue.


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