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Top 5+ Rigs for the Rock in April

Ryan Ripp

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I fish the same tournament every year on the rock in April. We are almost always fishing prior to fish being on the beds. We fish Friday slay the fish, Saturday don't catch a fish, and Sunday in the tournament catch some keepers! Great guy weekend for the whole bunch.

If you have 5+ rods pre rigged prior to going to the lake what are they?

Here are mine, I of course have more tied on then this!

#1--Purple Shad War Eagle Spinner Bait

#2--Deep Diving Rapala/Crankbait

#3--Black War Eagle Spinner Bait

#4--Wiggle Wart


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Well this will be different, if predictable:

1-2= 1/16oz Varmint/Ned PBJ and GP

2-4= 1/8oz Varmint/Ned PBJ and GP

5= 1/4oz split shot/mojo and green fish doctor

6= 1/4oz smoke single tail, 5"

7= 1/4oz shakey head and full size ZinkerZ or Zero PBJ or GP

8= Redfin

9= 5/16-1/2oz swing head and some green crittter or a menace grub

10= Redfin

If pushed, the first 7 would work fine. If pushed more I'd take 1-4, and the grub.

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I rarely throw spinnerbaits and I don't own an a-rig. Jig with a twin tail grub, spook, 1/4 oz head with a 4" grub, shakey head or drag a zoom finesse worm with a split shot or mojo weight, jerk bait. That's really all you need. I'm gonna throw the Ned when I get down there and I might drag a wobble head but I swim or crawl my jig a lot which is basically the same deal.

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spro little john md in fire craw

grn pumpkin- red eye 1/4oz structure shakey by rays custom baits with a green pumpkin baby brush hog or a senko style worm

cm lures floating soft plastic craw on a split shot rig

3/8oz. wobble head with a pbj strike king rage craw or green pumpkin/orange craw tube

3/32oz ned rig with a green pumpkin red flake strike king bitsy tube or traditional pbj half a zinkerz

alternatives include spro fat papa55 in clive craw. custom tim hughes mo craw wart spro RKcrawler in phantom brown craw or a keitech 3.8'' black shad color swim bait on a rays custom baits under spin

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1. River2sea S-waver 200 in Party Crasher

2. River2sea S-waver 168 in Party Crasher and Warden

3. Spro BBZ1Jr in Lavender Shad or Blue Herring (floater or slow sink)

4. Rapala BX Wake

5. 3/8oz or 1/4oz swimjig in either a Threadfin shad or bluegill color with a paddle tail swimbait trailer

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4. Rapala BX Wake

I bought one of these so long ago that I hope I can still find it to put it in the boat

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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Hey I've seen it somewhere in the house a time or three since last December. I've got to tweak the wake bait box anyway. I

ll pull it together before 4-18-15

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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